There is still time to get on our Activation List!  Our trained, experienced technicians are ready to turn on and tune your sprinkler system. 

 Included in your activation service:

-- A courtesy call/email 1-2 DAYS IN ADVANCE letting you know we’re on our way.

-- If you are on irrigation water, we prime, charge, & inspect pump to verify it's functioning well.

-- If you are domestic water or gravity-fed irrigation water, we open the main shut off valve and inspect backflow for potential leaks. 

-- Methodically check for mainline leaks by walking property and inspecting accessible valves.

-- Run all stations checking for breaks, broken heads, drip issues or sprinklers out of adjustment.  Our goal is to provide great water                      coverage while being good stewards of water use.

-- Make notes of where each zone is located and leave in timer (if not already present).

-- Inspect and program timer; replace battery backup (if applicable).

-- Finally, we explain our work and share a few recommendations via a follow up email or doorhanger.   

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