- FEED ME!  A slow-release, granular 16/16/16 fertilizer applied in late October or November is crucial for your lawn and beds. These nutrients are stored over winter and readily available next spring.  Green grass, healthy foliage and brilliant flowers! 

- LEAVE ME ALONE!  Unlike most the trees and shrubs in the valley, ornamental grasses provide your landscape some interest during winter.  We suggest waiting to cut them down until February.  

- I CAN'T BREATH!   Thatch and / or compacted soils make it tough for your turf to receive the air, water and nutrients it needs.  Aerations are the best method to penetrate thatch and hard soil.  Spring and fall are the ideal time to aerate as mid-summer aerations can do more damage than good.  Lawns already cope with heat, bugs, and other challenges—try to avoid the additional stress and aerate when temps aren’t extreme.  

- DON'T LEAVE THE LEAVES!  It’s tempting to turn a blind eye toward the heavy, wet, layer of leaves on our lawns.  Don’t do it!!  Leaves smother grass that inhibits spring growth. They also facilitate the spread of fungi that cause snow mold (mow lawn short prior to winter).  Finally, our valley’s pesky moles and voles love the blanket of leaves between them and the cold.  However, LEAVE the leaves in your beds as plants need that extra insulation.  It protects their roots from extreme cold temperatures—especially when there is little snow.  

- REMOVE AND REPLACE!  There isn’t a better time than fall to replace or add new plantings!  Plants have little use for water when they’re dormant and cool temperatures eliminate heat related stress.  Also, nurseries normally try to liquidate their inventory and offer BIG FALL DISCOUNTS! 

- BITE THE BULLET!  Did you know that you aren’t supposed to pull hoses when you have a sprinkler system??  Surprisingly, a lot of people think that pulling a hose here to water their annual dry spots is normal--even when they have an automated irrigations system.  A properly designed irrigation system should provide you even coverage throughout your property with no hoses attached.   Some customers have been frustrated for years over what turned out to be something relatively minor but hadn’t been address correctly.  If you share these frustrations, we’d like to see what we can do to help!  Maybe you won’t ever pull a hose again or overwater areas to keep another spot green.  You don’t have to live with an inadequate sprinkler system! 

- I NEED A HAIRCUT!  We all know how great it feels when you’re well overdue for a haircut and then finally work one into your schedule… Ahhhhhh!  That’s how your plants feel after a good trimming!  Tightly manicured shrubs will withstand heavy snow better than ones left unkempt. Other benefits are that they will look great all winter and spring and shouldn’t need another trimming until mid-summer or even next fall depending on the plant variety and vigor. Late fall or winter is a great time to prune while your trees are dormant.  If you’re planning to prune, take the time to educate yourself prior or hire a pro.  

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