Are you on our Sprinkler Winterization list? If not, send us an email today to get on it.  We have professional technicians who are trained with a wide variety of sprinkler winterizations.  

Here is what to expect from us...

-- A call 1-2 days prior if we need access to your timer, shut-off, gate, or if you have dogs.

-- ** We won’t call those of you who have had us winterize your system for two or more years unless you request it or WE need access. 

-- If you own a dog, please inform us.  If our technician isn’t sure the dog is friendly, we will reschedule.

A professional, experienced technician(s) will knock / ring prior to starting.  We don’t want you or your tenant to be alarmed.

He/she will then: 

-- Shut-off your water.

-- Make sure your backflow device, filter, or pump are drained and, if applicable, pull the intake valve/pipe from well, canal or pond.

-- Charge each zone with air and confirm all water is flushed from pipes.

-- Note any breaks/issues in your system that they notice while there.

-- Shut off timer (if accessible) or leave a reminder that you need to.

-- Make certain you don’t have any concerns, and inform you of anything of concern to them (i.e. leaks,  etc.).  

-- Hand you the invoice or leave it on door.